Premiere Classe – Paris

Premiere Classe Paris showcases designers and labels thatare specifically chosen for their creativity, originality and style.

Located inthe heart of Paris at the beautiful Jardin De Tuileries, Creative Jordan was part of the‘Hearts Movement’; an initiative that joined 7 creative sustainable brands from7 countries showcasing at a display unit at one of the biggest exhibitions inEurope dedicated to the fashion industry.

The founderof UN Ethical Fashion Initiative mentioned that “Hearts Movement bringstogether a new generation of consumers asking for beautiful products with asoul and meaningful brands producing them. Hearts Movement is a community witha bright and impactful future ahead”.

Sara Maino the Head of Vogue Talents fromVogue Italia and Antonella Di Pietro the Global Creative director of TommyHilfiger were some of the main industry figures that supported the story of theCreative Jordan Project!